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2013-07-09 · Fortunately, SPSS syntax offers a fairly straightforward method for assigning proper labels to both your variable labels and value labels. For those of you unsure about the distinction between the two: Variable Labels: Variable labels are composed of a few words that describe what a variable represents. SPSS Tip 11.2 Using syntax to recode The syntax file, RecodeGlastonburyData.sps, creates all the dummy vari-ables we’ve discussed. Load this file or type these commands into a new syntax window (see Section 4.10): DO IF(1-MISSING(change)). RECODE music (3=1)(ELSE = 0) INTO Crusty.

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RECODE. The RECODE command is used to change some or all values of a variable. The new values can be stored in the same variable or in a new one. Simple example: RECODE var1 var2 (1,2 = 1) (3,4 = 2).

(4=1). EXECUTE. linguistic levels (e.g.

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(4=1). EXECUTE.

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Spss syntax recode

av B Björkskog · 2018 — Bilaga 1. Syntax för SPSS. 28 EXECUTE. recode sjalvskattning1, sjalvskattning4, sjalvskattning6, sjalvskattning7 (1=4) (2=3) (3= 2).

Here is the output generated which helps you see how the cities were mapped: SPSS syntax SPSS syntax is relatively simple though not straightforward if you are new to programming. Syntax provides a concise way to tell people exactly which analyses you ran, easily recreate analyses, or run analyses multiple times. Some of you may want to use the pull down menus in SPSS. For some analyses the menu system Comments are "memos" written into the syntax file to remind you what a specific command, or, more frequently, a group of commands, is meant to do. You are advised to use comments frequently when you are engaged in larger projects (meaning anything that goes beyond, say, 30 lines of SPSS syntax). In IBM SPSS Statistics, people frequently have categorical variables with lots of values. It isn’t unusual for this data to have been entered as string values — alphanumeric characters.
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Spss syntax recode

Now, if marit is (system or user) missing, SPSS doesn't know if the condition is true and hence returns a system missing value on our new variable. 1.

You can create complex rules regarding how variables get recoded.
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4. Syntax Prozeduren können, wie den meisten bekannt, sehr komfortabel über die graphische Benutzeroberfläche (Menüs, Dialogfelder) erfolgen.

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Recode Age Variable in SPSS 1.